Your Hometown Plumber Can Do More Than You Think

You'll be glad you hired a residential plumber in Longwood & Orlando, FL

Many people call a residential plumber to solve frustrating problems like clogged drains, but that's not all a plumber can do. Logical Plumbing, LLC specializes in home plumbing repair and remodeling in the Longwood, FL and the greater Orlando area.

We can send a residential plumber to your home to...

  • Repair malfunctioning plumbing features: Faucets | Fixtures | Pipes | Conventional and tankless water heaters | Boilers | Water and sewer mains | Wells and pumps
  • Install complex plumbing features: Water heaters | Water treatment and purification systems | Boilers | Sump pumps | Foundation drains | Septic tanks | Water and sewer mains
  • Do dirty plumbing work: Clearing clogged drains and sewer mains | Inspecting sewer lines with cameras | Repiping | Remodeling bathroom and kitchen plumbing
We'll use hydrojetting to remove blockages without taking apart your drain lines. Call 407-775-6612 now to schedule plumbing repair, replacement or remodeling services. We also offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services!

Remodeling your home? Be sure to call a plumber.

Remodeling your home? Be sure to call a plumber.

We can install plumbing features in your home addition or remodeled space. Contact us now to get in touch with a home plumbing contractor in Longwood, FL and the greater Orlando area.